Nocturnal Trend Spotting

While pregnant, I developed quite the nightlife! Watching television that is... in the wee hours of the morning... and now for baby Selby's 3am feeding! While some people complain about losing the sleep, I've always sort of felt like I actually found an hour of "me" time and have come to enjoy it! (I particularly love Hulu and Netflix if I'm up at an hour when nothing good is on regular TV).

While tuning in for these quality television shows, I've spotted a trend that I love (oops, I just missed Christmas). I think I saw one of the lovely ladies of Married to Rock wearing it or maybe a Kardashian... anyways I'm loving this "thumb hole" concept...

I found these sweaters with thumb holes on Shop Style's website (such a GREAT website)! (1) Juicy Couture House of Juicy with Thumbholes (2) Enza Costa Cotton with Sweater with Thumbholes and (3) Enza Costa Cashmere Shawl Cardigan with Thumbholes.

Happy Shopping!


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