GEORGE Projects: 29th Street Baby Blues

A little sneak peak of a design in progress...

I am loving the color palette and found exactly what we were looking for in Liz Galbraith's newest summer print, "Primitive Flower" {below}.

Also love this oldie but a goodie "Dot" from Hable Construction:

Add in some fun chairs, window treatments and a cushy window seat and I think we have the makings of an incredible room.

To see the photos of the room where we will implement the design, click here: 29th Street photos

Tuesday Terms: Baseboard Tricks

Tuck this one away in your back pocket: Consider adding a stripe of paint for a Miter-Saw/Nail Gun-free way to add height to your baseboards or crown mouldings :) If you click on this photo to make it larger, you will see the green band around both the baseboard and crown trim pieces that give each an extra 2" of height. Interesting. Oh, and I love those draperies.

GEORGE Projects: Baby Selby

If a 4 month old isn't a project, than I don't know what is!!! Here is Baby Selby in Ohio earlier this Spring with Grandma "Gindy."

And with her adoring mom and dad...

And here she is with her Auntie Erin (far left), cousin Viva, grandma Gindy, cousin Matilda and me.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Tuesday Terms: de Joode design

We were recently contacted by the artist who created this wallpaper who requested that we update the link to where these papers could be found. We have obliged the request and hope that if you were looking for the wallpaper, you will now be able to find. Thank you!

This isn't your grandmother's wallpaper and it isn't for little ones either (well maybe). Dutch artist 'de Joode design for Soonsalon' has created a wallpaper collection based upon models in form. This is one of his creations featured in a recent French Elle Decor:

If you look really closely, the form being repeated to create this design is actually a woman bending backwards holding a shiny green ball.

I love this wallpaper for a lounge space where you'd appreciate the overall effect from afar but it would surely lead to delicious conversation when you got close enough to see the surprise details! Love it!? You can purchase the paper here: Soon Salon


These are the pictures of the room before we've even begun and I'm soo excited about what we already have to work with. GREAT stairs, mouldings and door...

GREAT paint color, sofa & chair forms...

and what's more... a great client! There are so many fantastic ways to take this room but for this East Coast transplant mom, with her house full of boys, we'll be playing with blues.... myyyy faaavvvooorite! Have ideas?? Please share... otherwise, stay tuned!
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