GEORGE Projects: Pacific Ave

A Master Bedroom Makeover is Always Fun:

And the Before:

GEORGE Projects: 138th Place Week 2

This project has gotten off to a quick start. Last week I showed you pictures of a dated but intact house. This week the house is feeling rather exposed. Everyday there are new holes being made by the plumbers or electricians. Sometimes we have to go backwards in life in order to move forward...

What used to be this:

Is now this:

What used to be this:

Is now this:

It's ugly. But the good news is that it's only up from here! While the walls and ceilings are being lit and plumbed, the cabinetry is being made, and the new windows are on order. The cabinets are being made by Nelson's Cabinets Inc, and I have been so thrilled with their work thus far. Not only do they create BEAUTIFUL cabinetry, they provide excellent sketches to aid in the homeowners decision-making process. (I really can't speak highly enough about them!!) Here were our 3 choices:

I plan on making our kitchen feel a little more beachy/coastal, but I think this picture conceptualizes the basic "look" that I'm after:

More on that (countertop, backsplash, hardware choices) to come! Have a great Friday.

For All Interested Parties:

My biggest challenge yet... an 8 week remodel. I will try to provide updates once in awhile so you can join in on the fun. I will get a few more close ups tomorrow before everything goes. Here is the home before we give it the once over (are you scared for me?!):

GEORGE Projects; 29th Street

Ahh, there's nothing better than a finished project, a completed room. Don't you wish all of your spaces felt complete! I know I do. I have posted a couple of updates on 29th Street as the project progressed but enjoy the finished product. The before photo:

And the afters!:

The kitchen lighting before:

And After:

I'm Baaack!

Did you miss me!?! It has been a very productive Fall and I've had to take a blogger hiatus to keep up! But, enough about me, I would love to share some of the projects that we've been working on with you and will be very busy these next few weeks doing so! Here is a little peak into a residence that I have been working on for the past couple of months. The owners are a delightful couple with 3 young children who want to create a beautiful rustic, yet polished, retreat in Manhattan Beach. Here are some of the shots of the house "as it was" and in the process of being updated:

A sunny Family Room as we found it:

Gone with the raised hearth and flat stone face surround...

Hello beautiful master... You are coming together so nicely!

Goodbye marble floors, hardwood is acoming...

After a very impressive demo crew finished their work:



GEORGE at LArge: To the Mountains

It's hard to leave the beach on the weekends but the mountains do equally call my name. These are some photos from a plant nursery and a hike just outside Lake Arrowhead, CA. LA is truly a wonderful place to call home.

GEORGE Projects: Glass Office

Maybe you work in an office (or live in a house) with an open floor plan. If you do, you know that sound privacy, or any privacy at all, can be tricky. Meet 2nd Street, a local office that was in need of my help to devise a sound privacy design solution for its open floor plan while still maintaining the interactive/collaborative atmosphere that makes this office environment so desireable:

Since some of the biggest and best architectural/design firms around are pouring loads of brain power into devising privacy solutions for the "open" office (or campus's as they like to be called) at powerful companies like Google, Amazon, Pixar, etc. so I spent some reviewing case studies from firms like Gensler and IA: Interior Architects for ideas...

It seems that the best material to create sound privacy while still maintaining the feeling of transparency within an office is... you guessed it.. Glass! Along with glass come additional sound issues but we'll save that for a future post. We'll keep you posted as we implement some high tech glass partitions at 2nd Street.

GEORGE Projects: Beach Cottage Renovation

I'm sorry that I've been so MIA this summer!! I've been on the East Coast working on a fun little project and even squeezing some family time in too! When not hopping on airplanes, I've been helping a darling Manhattan Beach family renovate their 1950s beach cottage. Here are some pics of how things are coming together.

Classic Subway Tile in the shower, and a porcelain beige beauty on the floor, both laid in a Running Bond pattern (which was a Tuesday Term so I know you already know that!)

The beautiful Thomasville Cabott kitchen cabinetry went in a few weeks ago followed by the Silesone countertops. The ceramic 1 x 4 off white backsplash is to follow:

This pantry used to be a hallway to the bedrooms! Do you have useless space in your house? If yes, then you know how gratifying it feels to have a nice pantry and behind it a bedroom closet that now fill the space!

A few peaks from heavenly vacation:

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