Ultra-Luxe Man Cave

Hello! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to tour another project. Silver Strand Residence is owned by an awesome power couple, and the space we're remodeling for them is used for entertaining friends and family, but is mainly utilized by the man of the house. In essence, you could say that we're designing an ultra-luxe man-cave. Ahh, every man's dream.

Here are some before photos:

A conceptual rendering for the client's approval:

And alas, after getting a great team in place, the budget and concept drawings signed off on, construction commenced:

Our GC Master used our CAD drawings to frame the backsplash and alcove locations in between the future cabinets and "flyover" element. We had to build the backsplash further into the room and then recess the alcoves right back in to make everything work just so. Let me tell you, those were some complicated drawings!! It wasn't long after framing and drywalling that we started pre-wiring for the WICKED lighting effects that were soon to come...

It's hard to see from this picture but we also recessed the adjacent wall about a 1/8" to prepare for the leather and watersuede tiles that we purchased from the Italian company, Studio Art (close up of tiles below). We also framed a cavity for and ran wires to a TV to sit flush with the wall. All of the components will live tucked out of sight in the cabinet that is preparing to be installed!

The room is small but literally every detail must be considered eight times over to get it just right. It has been a huge adrenaline rush and just you WAIT to see how amazing the cabinets turned out!

Selby Days

Happiness Is...

Happiness Is...

What's Up Pop?


What? Too many??

Can't Get Enough Beach.

Bye Y'all!!

Indulging in Purple!

A few posts ago we introduced you to two-and-a-half year old Brayden's new room on Walnut Avenue. Today, we'll give you a mini tour of his sister Riley's remodeled room.

Take a look at what it used to look like!

And now for the transformation:

Like Brayden's room, we added a chair rail to give definition and clean lines to the challenging angular walls. We then painted the walls a light beige color below the chair rail and a pastel lavender color above to match her bedspread. The white Roman shades with purple borders were also added to give the room a chic look that's still appropriate for a little girl's room. We placed a large rug over the lovely hardwood flooring in Riley's room to give it a softer, cozier feel. Quite darling!

Bathrooms, Creating Warm and Cozy

What can you do to improve a bathroom with a view situated next to the beach? Stick around and we'll show you! Here's what it originally looked like:

The original tub footprint cut awfully close to the entry of the bathroom. The owners wanted to turn this 90 degrees to create more room when you entered the bathroom. The original tub was too big which means LONG fill up times...

Here's the new tub deck all framed up:

The vanity and shower are also getting a makeover. Here are the electricians and framers hard at work:

Everyone's hard at work to get this project going and we're so excited to show you the new look once the project is complete. Wait until you see the in wall electric fireplace. That's a GEORGE first. Who likes to get in the bath when the air is freezing cold?! Experienced bather client = genius! Prettier pictures to come we promise!

GEORGE Projects: Velodrome @ The Home Depot Center

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today we are featuring the lobby of the velodrome arena at the Home Depot Center that we've been working on. The Home Depot Center is located in Carson, California and features a velodrome arena with a specially designed 250 meter indoor wood bicycle racing track that the U.S. Olympic team uses for training. We've been cycling through (pun intended!) the redesign of their lobby with vigor lately.

The lobby was quite empty and in dire need of some sprucing up, as you can see in the "before" photos posted below. Take a look:


We decided that the space needed to be more multi-functional and interactive. Here is the conceptual photo that we pitched to the excellent team at the Home Depot Center:

The space was challenging due to its multitude of entrances and the flow of traffic, with people coming in and out in all directions. To accommodate this, we built a desk on a radius to provide privacy and security for the staff and accessibility for patrons. Additionally, the center upgraded their admission technology, allowing for a convenient keypad swipe for members. Seating for cyclists and guests was added, and food and beverages - healthy of course! - can be found for sale behind the counter. And now the afters:

Another successful project! See you next post :)

GEORGE Projects: Brayden's Room

Hello all,

Today we'll look at our project on Walnut Avenue that's still in the works, but getting close to the finish line (hooray!). This bedroom makeover for two-and-a-half year old Brayden was challenging due to the angle of the walls. Blue was the color of choice, and our clients had already purchased a set of sharks-themed bed sheets from Pottery Barn Kids that they wanted to incorporate into the design.

We added a chair rail to better define the shape of the room, and used a darker shade of light blue below and a lighter shade above for a unified yet diversified look. The Roman Shades we used were actually converted from fun patchwork drapery panels from Pottery Barn Kids.

Take a look at the project!



A closer look at the bed sheets and the textiles we used for the Roman Shades:

Still some artwork yet to be hung but it's looking so cute! Have a great week.
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