GEORGE at LArge: Stars Antique Market

This weeks' steal deals! Both on sale for 20% off ticket price. Get 'em while they're hot!! {The watercolor is probably about 26" tall x 18" wide. I'd matte it and re-frame it. The turquoise wood box is probably only 15-16"w x 12-13" tall and is prettiest from the front as the top has incurred some damage.} Stars Market information below.

Tuesday Terms: Chevron Floors

I met with a client yesterday who asked me about my design style. I told him that I am remaining a generalist in my 30s... but I do beach really well and have a reallll weakness for old world interior design. One of my favorite "old world" design elements are hardwood floors laid in a Chevron pattern. I love the chevron floors in this "ethnic chic" dream room!

{image from French Elle Deco No. 197}

A Chevron is a line or a stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V. Here is a larger example of Chevron Hardwood Floors.

We might have to talk about wood species and grains next because that is such a BEAUTIFUL leached gray oak!

House of GEORGE

THANK YOU SO MUCH LINDSEY at BETTER AFTER.BLOGSPOT for featuring Selby's Nursette!! It is soo exciting to see your own work on someone else's blog and thank you to all of you who've commented for your votes of confidence! I'm including a few more for those of you who were inspired by what you could do with such a little space. Thank you again, you made my week!

Here is a close up of that sweet sweet bassinet.

Here is the "after" of the door situation which needed to be covered (and yes, I left the diaper genie in the shot to keep it honest!):

And the "Before":

And lastly, this is Baby Selby with her Gramzy, whom dare I say, seems happy enough living just off our kitchen!

For all of Lindsey's inspiring posts and witty comments, click here: Better After Blogspot

Tuesday Terms: Relaxed Romans

The style of roman shade shown here (at left) is called a Flat roman; its folds stack neatly when raised but there are no horizontal seams. Additionally, it is an interior mount (just inside the window box cavity) vs. an exterior mount.

I'm also loving those metal windows that have sills but no casing.

Tuesday Terms: Cafe Curtains

To date, I have discovered just 2 appropriate circumstances for using cafe curtains which are curtains that cover only the lower half of a window and usually employ sliding rings. The first is in a situation when going to the floor is simply not an option... like in kitchen sink window or a window seat window like this one below:

And the second is treating a window in a cottage, rustic or country environment... where their cutesy-nature add charm. Even still, light, gauzy fabrics work best paired with simple, slim hardware.

I know I love that fluffy creature framed between the windows... but can anyone tell me what that is??

Tuesday Terms: Clear Light Switch Plates

If you are thinking of covering your walls in a pattern as cool as this one, don't cover any of it up with a light switch plate.

Consider using a clear plate like the one on the wall directly behind the bedside table light (hard to see right!) :

I found them here: SwitchPlate SuperStore
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