GEORGE Projects: 29th Street Sneak Peak

It's summer. It's busy. But somehow just looking at these images of 29th Street, with its soft color palette and layers of textures, makes me feel calm and relaxed.

Every detail has been carefully planned and considered. The resulting room is effortlessly elegant and just a really, really nice place to be.

Much more of this beautiful house to come; y'all come back now, ya hear!

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Tuesday Terms: Fretwork

Fretwork describes an interlaced decorative pattern (usually geometric) in design. Here is an example of a fretwork fabric adorning this beautiful little settee in the NYC residence that we first told you about last summer.

As you can tell, the space isn't extremely large (it is NYC) but the homeowners did want to have a comfortable place to sit just off the kitchen that was an easy place to feed small kids (the Pedestal table and ghost chair are super easy to wipe down!).

To keep the settee kid-friendly, we had the fabric treated prior to upholstering. Spills bead up but do not absorb.

There is space to the left of the table to easily pass through to the kitchen and also to pull up a high chair if need be.

Such a beautiful little space! Here's a better picture of that gorgeous stone floor:

GEORGE Projects: It's All A Facade...

Here is a little sneak peek into a project I've been working on with a delightful Manhattan Beach Family. The goal is to spruce up the facade using only paint (and landscaping down the line). Here is the existing house facade:

Here are some ideas of what a little bit of paint could do to transform that house(The door is being changed by the way):

Do you like any of the potential color combinations?? What would you do if it was your house to transform???

Here are some houses with similar facade materials that served as inspiration:

GEORGE Trend: Saffron Marigold

Happy Friday and a happy start to your holiday weekend! Indian textiles are all over the place lately (fashion, drapery, table textiles, bedding to name a few of the places I've been seeing them) and this week I found a website that offers a beautiful, chic selection with really affordable prices. It's called Saffron Marigold. You'll want to check this out: Saffron Marigold

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