GEORGE Projects: Pacific Ave

A Master Bedroom Makeover is Always Fun:

And the Before:

GEORGE Projects: 138th Place Week 2

This project has gotten off to a quick start. Last week I showed you pictures of a dated but intact house. This week the house is feeling rather exposed. Everyday there are new holes being made by the plumbers or electricians. Sometimes we have to go backwards in life in order to move forward...

What used to be this:

Is now this:

What used to be this:

Is now this:

It's ugly. But the good news is that it's only up from here! While the walls and ceilings are being lit and plumbed, the cabinetry is being made, and the new windows are on order. The cabinets are being made by Nelson's Cabinets Inc, and I have been so thrilled with their work thus far. Not only do they create BEAUTIFUL cabinetry, they provide excellent sketches to aid in the homeowners decision-making process. (I really can't speak highly enough about them!!) Here were our 3 choices:

I plan on making our kitchen feel a little more beachy/coastal, but I think this picture conceptualizes the basic "look" that I'm after:

More on that (countertop, backsplash, hardware choices) to come! Have a great Friday.

For All Interested Parties:

My biggest challenge yet... an 8 week remodel. I will try to provide updates once in awhile so you can join in on the fun. I will get a few more close ups tomorrow before everything goes. Here is the home before we give it the once over (are you scared for me?!):

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