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Happy Sunday!

Meet Anne

We've acquired some fresh talent here at GEORGE Interior Anne. An extremely gifted artist, a confident and very poised young woman, Anne is also well-versed in the technical skills like CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch Up that we use around here everyday. Anne has brought fresh energy and a wonderful aptitude for learning on the fly and making herself extremely useful. Look for her upcoming posts of interests and send her a welcome shout out when you have a chance!!

Wallpaper Decadence

If you’re thinking of redesigning a space with a bold yet timeless statement, consider one of De Gournay’s many fabulous hand-painted wallpapers. The company offers exquisite wallpaper designs, many of which are inspired by 18th century Chinoiserie and 19th century French designs, all of which are customizable. From elegant and traditional to clean and contemporary, it seems that these wallpapers can find a home in many interiors and instantly become the star of the room. We are absolutely in love with their designs, and you can see for yourself just how fabulous they look in these rooms:

The wallpapers are created through a 300-year-old traditional process that takes time and dedication, making the end product authentic and unique. De Gournay artists and designers draw their inspiration from historic designs, researching the meaning and stories behind them, and then creating their own one-of-a-kind wallpaper art. The results are delicate, elegant, whimsical, and timeless.

We’ll leave you to dwell on these gorgeous images while we dream of elegant Chinoiserie paper. See you next time!

More on Shades of Gray

Thanks for the awesome feedback we've been getting on this beauty. We so appreciate it! We have installed the new clear glass sphere light fixtures:

And we've installed the 2-tone gray curtain hung on a ceiling trac:

We've also installed the very sleek aluminum entry door with a bright white frosted piece of glass.

While we wait for the rug, art and furnishings, we are touching up the beautiful resin swirl floor, done by Steve Seleska at Resin Floor Studio and doing final paint touch ups. The backsplash, above the pebble caesarstone countertop, was given a venetian finish (I'll have to get you a close up shot!) and the little alcoves were painted to match the curvy plaster wall. The alcoves were uplighted and downlighted for special effect and the cabinet has toe-kick and uplighting over the flyover. The plaster wall and the curtain wall are washed with light and then there is of course ambient lighting for everyday use.

It looks this cool in the middle of the day but next time, I promise to get a shot of it at dusk!

A (Soon To Be) Nautical Haven

The Strand residence is a beautiful home by the beach with tall, palladian windows overlooking the ocean - a view to die for! Our client brought us in to deliver a new look and space plan for the living room. His look of choice.. sophisticated, nautical, light. Below are some photos of the space we will be redesigning:

As you can see, it's quite a challenging space. A lot of angles define the room:

New sofa, new coffee table and a lot of re-working of existing elements that just aren't quite right.

This home is a joy to step foot in and we'll look forward to keeping you abreast of as the changes unfold.

Silver Strand Phase II

After the walls were prepped, our leather and suede art tiles and the cabinets were installed. Finish materials which had all been pre-selected...

were inspected and laid out to show their best sides...

Prototpes were made to ensure that the finished product exceeded every expectation of awesome (that's why Design Support rocks - thank you DS!):

And then, they were installed and the process of lighting them began...

Across the aisle, the wall tiles were carefully placed in a random pattern with just enough contrast to make them look really interesting:

Wow, we've come a long way since this!!

With cabinets and wall tiles in place, our in-wall TV, automated shades and cabinet lights (we are LOVING Lutron lighting control but more on that later) are on deck. In the meantime, we'll be working on doing something very cool with the entry door and furnishings... Did you even know you liked contemporary design so much!!!

Secular Easter Baking

No matter what you believe, we wish you a very happy egg hunting and bunny rabbit season! Eating, decorating, and more eating Easter cookies...It is quickly becoming a favorite holiday around here!

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