More on Shades of Gray

Thanks for the awesome feedback we've been getting on this beauty. We so appreciate it! We have installed the new clear glass sphere light fixtures:

And we've installed the 2-tone gray curtain hung on a ceiling trac:

We've also installed the very sleek aluminum entry door with a bright white frosted piece of glass.

While we wait for the rug, art and furnishings, we are touching up the beautiful resin swirl floor, done by Steve Seleska at Resin Floor Studio and doing final paint touch ups. The backsplash, above the pebble caesarstone countertop, was given a venetian finish (I'll have to get you a close up shot!) and the little alcoves were painted to match the curvy plaster wall. The alcoves were uplighted and downlighted for special effect and the cabinet has toe-kick and uplighting over the flyover. The plaster wall and the curtain wall are washed with light and then there is of course ambient lighting for everyday use.

It looks this cool in the middle of the day but next time, I promise to get a shot of it at dusk!


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