Time to paint...

...your nails! Have you heard of Butter London?

While we try to keep this blog all about the exciting world of interior design, today I wanted to share something that will help keep the ladies looking well cared for and fresh this holiday season! :) 

I learned about Butter London nail lacquer when my best friend dropped in on my mother-in-law, who in turn told me about her FABULOUS deep emerald, shiny nails. Trust me, these are not cheap looking, crazy-colored paints. My best friend is a real life shopaholic who actually attends fashion week (isn't that really only for celebrities?!), and her green nails mixed with authentic designer duds looked tasteful and fresh - just a perfect tweak to the dark burgundy, brown or black nails everyone has been sporting over the last few chilly seasons. Oh, and don't fret, there are more subtle colors too. 

Another reason I like Butter London is that in addition to the fun colors available, the nail lacquers contain NO FORMALDEHYDE, TOLUENE OR DBP - hence the "3 free" label. And they are made in the USA. We love finding products like this - definitely, GEORGE approved!

Here are a few of my favorite DARKS (it was hard to pick, there are so many)...

{Butter London's British Racing Green, Chimney Sweep & Branwen's Feather}

A couple of pretty PINK & RED CLASSICS...

 {Pink Ribbon, The Old Bill & Pillar Box Red}

And some shimmery, SHOW STOPPERS (again, so many pretty shimmers!)...

{Diamond Geezer, The Full Monty & West End Wonderland}

What do you think? Do you plan on adding some sparkle to your holiday wardrobe?


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