Terrific Thanksgiving Tables!

Yay for Thanksgiving! I'm very excited to be taking a road-trip to Utah where I'll spend Thanksgiving with my husband and daughter at Zion & Bryce National Parks. We've rented a house and will spend our days trying to keep warm (it's going to be in the below zero F! Not C, people!) and hiking around to take some pretty photos. 

For those of you who will be spending the holiday toasty inside with great food, and greater company, here are a few table settings to inspire you. 

To start, the girls over at Urban Grace never disappoint! Here's a look at the table they designed for HGTV about incorporating metallics into your home...

{via Urban Grace}

I happen to love the next two tables for their overall clean and white designs, but also because they both incorporate Iittala Finnish crystal. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, my mum happens to have full sets of these candlesticks and glasses (not to mention the platters, pitchers, bowls, plates, etc)... 
 ...and after growing up looking at them on her table during every fancy occasion, it is GREAT to see them through fresh eyes in these modern dining settings. Can't wait to "borrow" them! :)


{via Canadian House & Home}

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this week, have a good one! I hope you, like myself, have many things to be thankful for!

ps. I just found out that DwellStudio holds an annual modern Thanksgiving table setting contest and you can submit your design up until the 29th. Can't wait to see the winners on the 30th! 


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